The study of humates (primarily comprised of humic acid and fulvic acid) is a relatively new subject, particularly as it pertains to human health.  A growing body of research suggests that these novel compounds may be very beneficial to living things, from plants and soil to animals and human beings. To the naturalist these connectionsContinue reading “WHAT IS HUMIC ACID?”

Shilajit (Humic acid) for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Very impressive study showing dibenzo-α-pyrones , and fulvic acids from Shilajit were effective against CFS in rats. Shilajit reversed the CFS-induced increase in immobility period and decrease in climbing behavior as well as attenuated anxiety in the EPM test. Shilajit reversed CFS-induced decrease in plasma corticosterone level and loss of adrenal gland weight indicating modulationContinue reading “Shilajit (Humic acid) for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”