Effects of Humic Acid on Colloidal Silver

This study looks at the effects of humic acid from the Suwanee river on nano particle silver.  Researchers found that :

“Total silver content decreased with concentrations of NOM greater than 10 mg TOC L−1 indicating an increase in nanoparticle agglomeration and settling above this concentration. However, SRHA did not have any significant effect on the equilibrium concentration of ionic Ag dissolved in solution. Exposure of Daphnia to nano-Ag particles (50 μg L−1 and pH 7) produced a linear decrease in toxicity with increasing NOM. These results clearly indicate the importance of water chemistry on the fate and toxicity of nanoparticulates.”

Published by Rob Seeman

I write about natural health, mostly because I am continually amazed by the wealth of healing compounds in nature. Surely such gifts are to be appreciated, and to be enjoyed. Salud!

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