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The white paper on Living Organic Earth

Thanks to a number of researchers, some of whom cannot ‘officially’ share their research due to archaic sponsorship laws, we have published now the first volume of the Fulvic Report on Living Organic Earth and Whole Earth Minerals through a grass roots consortium of dedicated health activists.

Because we care about the information, and not the money made from it, it has been distributed in hard copy and for free.  It is worth pointing out, without any paranoid thinking, that pharmaceutical companies examining synthetic humates have threatened some of the associates of the consortium in no uncertain terms.

Pt 1 is being distributed now.  Pt 2 will be a personal tomb compililng the research, along with philosophical commentary by yourself, Rob Seeman, who really only cares about getting the information out there.  We all know what the popular supplements are. Perhaps a better question would be, what are the supplements people can really FEEL?

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