The white paper on Living Organic Earth

Thanks to a number of researchers, some of whom cannot ‘officially’ share their research due to archaic sponsorship laws, we have published now the first volume of the Fulvic Report on Living Organic Earth and Whole Earth Minerals through a grass roots consortium of dedicated health activists. Because we care about the information, and notContinue reading “The white paper on Living Organic Earth”

Liquid Zeolite : Chiropractic Report on ‘Bad Calcium Dissolvers’

BAD CALCIUM DISSOLVERS – No. 1 This report does not appear to be complete, but contains some interesting suggestions about Zeolite, though without scientific reference : Lets start with Liquid Zeolite. Zeolite is a natural volcanic mineral that possesses a uniquely complex crystalline structure and is similar to clay. Zeolite is the most powerfully negativelyContinue reading “Liquid Zeolite : Chiropractic Report on ‘Bad Calcium Dissolvers’”